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So this is sort of a running joke Zz top band tres hombres album shirt . does on JK Rowling, making fun of her for coming up with stuff about the characters that are completely outside what was written in the books. My favorite was about how Hagrid died and no one found his body for days. Just imagine if the hat hadn’t shipped Nolan Ryan off. Tom Riddle would have had a nervous breakdown by the end of his first year from all the noogies. No, he died to add weight to the moment/climax of the book and mark the transition of the series into slightly darker and more adult themes.

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At least the third book had a happy ending where Zz top band tres hombres album shirt . dodged Demeter’s kiss at the last second thanks to the effort of our heroes. Goblet of Fire just got dark fast and didn’t look back. Cedric actually got off easy compared to Crouch Jr. (Spoiler) Immediately followed by a dementors kiss on a guy whose dying mother traded places with him in prison, because he convinced her that he wasn’t actually serving the Dark Lord, but was. Got dark so fast. I was 7 when the first book came out. But I didn’t read the book or the series till I was 27. So for me, I understood everything in a different way than younger kids would. I still haven’t seen the movies. It was such a dark turn. Comparing is so drastic. Best books I’ve ever read though. The kids eventually realized that this was a good thing as they were the only children in Hogwarts history to play a sport that actually makes sense. Did you know that occasionally an almost wizard Met can get a 2nd chance at going to Hogwarts? Conditions include staying on the Mets your entire playing career and being a fan favorite (but still relatively unknown in the rest of league). The most recent player to go back and start schooling was Wilmer Flores. He’ a lucky too, because of a last-minute spell by Luna Lovegood
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