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It also had Zz Top Antenna Album T-Shirt . impact on the scene as Captian Marvel really did not need their help in the slightest. So its really an empty girl power moment. I think that scene was the Russos sending two not so subtle messages to Disney and Cap Marvel writers&supporters saying there are female heroes that have always been here (and better written and developed) and that the whole point is teamwork, not this solo “I don’t need nobody” bullshit that was in her movie. But yeah because the writers in her movie made her oh-so-powerful that even when the women team up there is the little point since she can handle everything herself.

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Perhaps this is also what the Russos were hinting at thus making a stab at her Zz Top Antenna Album T-Shirt . character who ironically shoots the feminist movement in the foot by not needing anyone including women to help her. Chris Evans wanted to step down so they could have gone the kill him off route but letting a soldier go home was a nice touch. Unlike Batman in the Nolan series, Captain America had been doing it for far longer fighting for 2 years in WWII and 10 years in the present world. Nolan’s Batman had about a year career before retiring for 8 years then coming back twice very briefly. Cap earned his retirement. In my opinion, Hulk should have gone into berserk /world breaker mode when he lifted that rock to save war machine, rocket amongst others… Then we could have had a scene… On whick, Thanos calls rain fire, and upon that Hulk goes off to attack the ship, meanwhile, Thor has lightning coursing through him and he takes on the army of Thanos and cap and Tony regain them self… For women empowerment we can show pepper giving her suit or a fresh nanobot suit to Tony and black panther brings the triangular shield for cap and then we can have round with black panther, thor, iron man and cap fighting against Thanos and keep the ending as is… Spiderman tries to run with the gauntlet, Squidward grabs it then dies fighting against scarlet witch but does manage to send the gauntlet to Thanos, black panther jumps create a kinetic explosion in Thanos’ hand, Did you pay attention to his last couple movie appearances?
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