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The first lady’s queries Youre A Massive Pestive Bellend shirt . about funds for an office and staff would indicate she is thinking of establishing an official office after the White House, as most first ladies do, to continue initiatives or policy goals begun while their husbands are in office. One source confirmed Trump is mulling the idea of keeping up her “Be Best” platform aimed at helping children, but another person with knowledge said no firm plans for how or when that might take shape have been determined. Trump’s East Wing office has at approximately 12 people been the smallest staff in modern history. As for the official Trump china, the first lady recently selected patterns and colors for hundreds of place settings, which is standard procedure for an outgoing first lady.

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Presidential administration china has traditionally remained at the White House as part of the official collection and, dating as far back as President James Monroe, can be utilized by future administrations Youre A Massive Pestive Bellend shirt . However, a source familiar with the order said Melania Trump is not relying on the White House Historical Association to pick up the tab for the set, which is not a requirement, but it is an option. The last administration not to use funds from the White House Historical Associations for official china was the Reagans, notes the source, who confirms the association was “not involved in an acquisition project related to the Trump china.” A full official administration china service is not an inexpensive endeavor. The Obama china, planning for which began in 2011, was delivered in 2015, the color inspired by the blue waters off of Hawaii. There were 320-settings of 11 pieces each, costing more than $350,000. Laura Bush’s china selection totaled 4,500 pieces and was also well into six-figures. (Bush ordered an additional, less-formal 75-place settings to use for entertaining in the private residence, which was not paid for by the White House Historical Association.) Melania Trump has most commonly opted to borrow place settings from the official Clinton china set for her White House events, the two Trump-hosted state dinners included. There are 300-place settings of apropos ornate, shiny gold plates and dishware selected by Hillary Clinton when she was first lady. Whether Trump’s personal choice reflects the ostentatiousness of the Trump era, only the future will tell.
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