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Been living in that You Hole Is My Goal shirt . coming up on a year now. It’s been a really good place to live. No worries about parking outside. Lots of stuff nearby, but still out of the way a bit. Woodbury is very safe lol. I wouldn’t worry about your safety at all. There’s not much to do for nightlife but a lot of outdoor activities close (Afton State Park, Stillwater, Hudson, & tons of parks close by) I’ve been living here in Woodbury for almost a year now.

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I’ve looked at the Woodlane You Hole Is My Goal shirt . but the reviews kind of scared me away. I ended up going with Seasons Villas Townhomes (two-story option) with a roommate. Nothing but a positive experience so far! I always park outside in our parking bays (roommate has the garage) and I haven’t had an issue. Thanks! Yeah, they sound scary, but my current residence has a lower rating but I have never had any problems. I have pets so I think Seasons Villas it out. I mean I’m sure it happens from time to time, but I’ve lived all over the metro including Minneapolis and St Paul proper, and never had to worry about parking my car on the street. We are overall a very safe city/metro. Really? Then what’s with the vehicle burglaries and motor vehicle thefts reported to the police? We should find a way to do like this more often! Maybe a standardized format, etc. With a race this big, this is bound to calm nerves for people. I know you can do a lot yourself, but it is good to see it. These stories are a breath of fresh air from the ones normally seen around these parts. The lack of magic (or most of it) indeed makes things more unique. I’ll be watching this series with great interest. Thank you for the kind words! I hope to create an atmosphere where it’s never entirely clear what can be attributed to actual magic and what’s just superstition and coincidence (at least in-universe, that is). I’m not sure what to make of Schmidt and his apprentice. I’m really loving these stories though! I’m also still incredibly suspicious of the obviously fae lady.
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