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Russo is a crazy man We’re All Mad Here shirt . but coming from a TV background. He was absolutely 100% correct on the working conditions issue. I wrote this on Wednesday’s post, but Vince is the kind of guy who never gets sick. Never takes a day off and he expects that from everyone else. But it’s just not realistic, especially when you don’t have a stake in the company itself. I don’t think anyone can dispute why Russo left WWF. He was working in an executive-level position. And just had his workload doubled without any compensation. Also, WCW was giving him more money and more security. How he left might have been less than professional.

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Honestly cannot blame Russo for making the jump to WCW We’re All Mad Here shirt . McMahon’s nanny comment was plain callous, and refusing to give a guy a raise when doubling his weekly workload is bs. Also, the opportunity to take over writing for Nitro when it has bottomed out is favorable. If he could’ve actually written some good content for them. That being said, RIP WCW. He was really good when he started, replacing Vince doing the MSG shows. But he got worse as the ’90s dragged on, especially after Heenan left. A lot of people say that after his son Joey Marella died that his heart just wasn’t in it anymore and just as a casual observer I think there’s something to that. I’ve been waiting to read about the dropping incident. That sounds horrible for him to have to go through, on a move wrestlers take every single show. Just knowing something like that could happen. So easily on accident makes me realize how much trust wrestlers must have with each other. And makes me sort of understand New Jacks’s reasoning for trying to kill that guy during. That Russo interview about Mexican/Japanese wrestlers never getting over is problematic, mainly because a while later, WCW would be on the receiving end of a racial discrimination lawsuit. That interview would be used as part of the lawsuit, alongside claims that Russo used slurs backstage.
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