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I have all the trades you are offering too Weed Kush Queen T-Shirt . But they are redeemed and in my personal collection. Someone has something I want. And you have what they want. If you could get doubles of something from me I would appreciate it.Thanks. Just looking back at their Facebook posts, they didn’t receive them from Funko until Jan. 5. Their comments: “Today we received 3 pallets of Funko, 2 of which were about 9ft tall. I will list below what is SUPPOSED to be in these pallets. We will begin working on these Pallets late next week, as there are other items in front of these. If what you ordered is on this list, please be patient as we received 2964 Individual pops, so we will move as fast as we can to get all orders filled” They can’t control when Funko ships them their orders.

Weed Kush Queen T-Shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Weed Kush Queen T-Shirt Classic Men's T-shirt
Classic Men’s

Ugh, my dad gets pissy at me if I don’t answer my phone within 2-3 rings Weed Kush Queen T-Shirt . The latest one was a couple weeks ago. Got a nasty text accusing me of screening my calls and I was just like “1) I’d just gotten home from work so my phone was still on silent. 2) You called from a number I’ve never seen cos you changed your number, again, without telling me, again. You know I don’t answer calls from numbers I don’t know. 3) You didn’t leave a voice mail so I didn’t know it was you and didn’t know to answer the next time you called. 4) I was in the fucking shower. Don’t get pissy at me because have a fucking life. Calm your tits. My dad would call me when he knew I was driving. I usually don’t JADE and will grey rock instead, but I’d had a long, shitty day at work and decided to logic bomb him. It actually shut him up. This is gonna seem like I’m JADEing with you now, but it does need some explanation. When I reply with “I was busy” like I usually do, he’ll send message after message of the same thing, just worded differently. It’s usually 5-10 variations about how I’m disrespectful and should drop everything I’m doing instantly to jump as high as he tells me because of respect = subservience in his mind. After my logic bomb reply to him, I got none of that, but I did get an apology. I didn’t grey rock for once, I threw the damn rock at him which I think surprised him, and it had better results than I’d expected.
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