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Abloh’s belief in “We Go To 12” Seattle Seahawks shirt . clear-eyed boyhood innocence — that grace period before awareness of socio-cultural biases sets in — has always been an inspiration signalled in his Vuitton collections and campaigns. “I start from it is in the first place but wonderment of boys. When you’re a boy there’s one thing that adults ask you: What do you want to be when you grow up? And you say artist, lawyer, doctor, football player, fighter pilot. But then, if I ask what does a doctor look like? There’s a knee-jerk. That’s where we can learn. ” His point, spelled out amongst the stack of literature he releases with each collection, is this: “Fashion has the power to de-program these dress codes and impact ability.”

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The multi-level consciousness, and his ambition to educate, include, and create aspiration is down-to-earth in one direction, and high-flown in many others “We Go To 12” Seattle Seahawks shirt . “Tourist vs. Purist,” it is in the first place but slogan he wrote when he entered Louis Vuitton in 2018 returned on bags this season. “It’s my organizing principle for my point of view when I make things. A tourist is someone who’s eager to learn, who wants to see the Eiffel Tower when they come to Paris. The purist is the person who knows everything about everything.” Abloh exerts his positionality as both—the outsider who became the insider; the man with the power to bring young people with him into the former exclusion zone of high fashion.Part of that is his challenge to the supposed ownership of ideas, art, culture. “Everyday objects—who invented our everyday objects?” At one tangent, that’s a retort to ‘purist’ critics who looked down on Abloh’s importation of generic ‘streetwear’ into high fashion. At a deeper, sharper edge lies the culpability of Eurocentric art and fashion for centuries of stealing from heritages that did not belong to them, and the erasures that stemmed from that. It “Begs the question of who can claim creation? Provenance is reality, while ownership is myth,” go his notes.
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2 reviews for “We Go To 12” Seattle Seahawks shirt

  1. Mark Wheelan

    Purchased this shirt as a Father’s Day gift. I have washed it a few times and still looks good. It hasn’t faded so for me that’s a plus. It fits my husband great! True to size!

  2. Paula Herring

    My husband love this shirt. He said its soft and loves the picture on the front.

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