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Already Veteran American flag 2021 shirt . thousands of armed pro-Trump extremists are plotting to surround the US Capitol ahead of Biden’s inauguration, according to a lawmaker briefed by security officials Monday. A joint US government intelligence bulletin said the January 6 attack, meant to disrupt the certification of Biden’s victory, may have given extremists of differing ideological stripes a way to connect. The bulletin warned that the insurrection “is very likely part of an ongoing trend in which (extremists) exploit lawful protests, rallies, and demonstrations, and other gatherings to carry out ideologically motivated violence and criminal activity.” Multiple defense officials have told CNN that the National Guard and law enforcement expect explosives like pipe bombs and Molotov cocktails to be used in any coming unrest. They are assuming perpetrators will come with high “aggression,” said one senior defense official, who added, “their intentions are very serious.”

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Pipe bombs that could have done serious damage were planted outside the Republican and Democratic party headquarters in Washington last week but didn’t go off Veteran American flag 2021 shirt . The expertise behind the bombs and the ease with which the raucous crowd seemed to mill about the Capitol complex with little resistance raised concerns participants had insider help and military expertise. At least two US Capitol Police officers were suspended and at least 10 more are under investigation for allegedly playing some sort of role, CNN reported. Michael Sherwin, the acting US attorney in Washington, DC, confirmed Friday that “we’re seeing indications that law enforcement officers, both former and current, maybe who have been off duty, participating in this riot activity.” “We don’t care what your profession is, who you are, who you are affiliated with, if you are conducting or engaged in criminal activity, we will charge you and you will be arrested,” Sherwin said.
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