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By Friday Velocireader Dinosaur Reading Books shirt . the FBI had received 140,000 digital tips regarding the attack, including photos and video, federal officials had opened 275 criminal investigations, charged roughly 98 individuals, and taken 100 individuals into custody. As senior administration leaders who would normally take the lead remained silent for days — including the heads of the Justice Department, the Department of Homeland Security and the President himself — federal officials launched the most extensive counterterrorism probe since September 11, 2001, and continued planning to fortify Washington.

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“Our posture is aggressive Velocireader Dinosaur Reading Books shirt . It’s going to stay that way through the inauguration,” FBI Director Christopher Wray said at a Thursday briefing on inauguration security. He added that the agency was monitoring “extensive” online chatter about further potential armed protests and issued a warning to the men and woman who wreaked havoc on the Capitol. “We know who you are, if you’re out there,” Wray said, “and FBI agents are coming to find you.” The domestic terrorists struck at a time when the US government is confronting the worst known cyberattack by a foreign adversary in its history, with Russia suspected of penetrating hundreds of businesses and numerous federal agencies. Their bloodshed and destruction come as Covid-19 claims record daily death tolls and a jobs crisis is brewing, with nearly 1 million people filing for unemployment benefits for the first time last week. The insurrection, fueled by Trump’s lies about his definitive election loss, exposed the reach of baseless conspiracy theories that have radicalized Americans to the point that they laid siege to their own Capitol. The events of that day raise questions about intelligence failures, the military’s lethargic response as panicked lawmakers pleaded by telephone for help, and law enforcement’s potential blind spots or willful ignorance about the dangers posed by white supremacists and right-wing nativists. Those groups formed a combustible mix with the anti-Semites and QAnon conspiracists rampaging on January 6 to create an existential crisis for the Republican Party, which faces the choice of remaining in thrall to Trump and his more toxic supporters or breaking away. It creates a challenge for the larger country as well, according to CNN senior political analyst Ron Brownstein, who said the trajectory of Trump’s “white nationalist extremism has been very clear” for the last four years, as are the potential costs to US security if it is left unchecked. “President Trump has provided an enormous amount of oxygen to this very dangerous ideology,” Brownstein told Jake Tapper on Thursday. “And unless everyone involved, the Justice Department, law enforcement, Congress, is very serious about imposing consequences and taking the threat seriously, this could become a steady drumbeat through the Biden presidency.” “The question is, can we more broadly send a signal that says we are not going to tolerate and look the other way as this metastasizes,” Brownstein said.
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