Unicorn Eyelash Melaleuca Flower shirt

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I saw the same shirt onesie combo Unicorn Eyelash Melaleuca Flower shirt . I was going to suggest it because I love that idea. I’m thinking of getting one for my husband. We already had to buy 2 tiger hooded towels because my husband said he may want to wear the towel in his head. So we got two and they can wear them (in my husband’s case, sort of wear it) together. We bought each other half a camera (conveniently, not the same half). Since our cell phones are work phones, I wanted to have a not work-related way of taking pictures. And he gets a new toy…Oh, I just grabbed one with good reviews on Amazon. Was $10 and had a mustache on it? It hasn’t arrived but I’ll see if I can find the name! I think it’s actually called ‘dad jokes’. A little different angle, I’m giving DH a “baby escape kit” for when he needs a break after she’s here (or before! Haha). He loves long showers so I got a Bluetooth shower speaker, a suction cup holder for a shower beer, some nice body wash, and shampoo, and some beers. I keep telling him I’m getting him a DILF shirt, but I’ll probably get him a slightly more appropriate one to give him at our shower in January

Unicorn Eyelash Melaleuca Flower shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Unicorn Eyelash Melaleuca Flower  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Unicorn Eyelash Melaleuca Flower  Hoodie
Unicorn Eyelash Melaleuca Flower  Sweatshirt
Unicorn Eyelash Melaleuca Flower  Unisex
Thanks for this Unicorn Eyelash Melaleuca Flower shirt . My boyfriend brought up getting his mom a Grandma book for Christmas. I asked him what that was and he literally had no clue, he was just like ‘I dunno, a book for grandmas’. T-shirt design near me. Welp, the Grandma version of this seems much better than whatever he was imagining lol. Along with some normal, not-baby related gifts, my husband is getting an infant-sized baseball hat featuring his favorite team… and a really expensive bottle of scotch as a baby survival gift, hahaha. I agree with sporting events helping to heal – I went to a college football game (that the higher-ups had debated canceling) hours after a woman decided to drive into the crowd of homecoming-parade watchers. Looking back, I’m glad they held the game –it gave 60,000+ of us in the stadium (and countless others) something to do other than sit at home glued to the news channels and cry. An immediate return to normalcy, if only for a while.
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