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loved them ALL in this Underestimate Me Thatll Be Fun shirt . I wish Kait was shown more, but even her comment about not getting the same thing and that they were “basically lighting a giant doobie” made me laugh so much. T-shirt design near me. Yeah, I can get annoyed with some of her whining about stuff, but this was just way too much on TPTB’s part. There’s no way Kaitlyn gave them nothing to work with. Plus, the one line they did show was hilarious about the sage being a big doobie. I don’t blame her for feeling bad about this one. I was just gonna comment on jojos bc it literally looks like something I wore as a toddler in the early 90s then realized they all kind of come from that era lol. It looks like she is from Utah in the summer. Get those white undershirts out to put under your sleeveless shirts and dresses!

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Completely agree Underestimate Me Thatll Be Fun shirt . First thing I thought when I saw the pic yesterday. Maybe they’re tolerable for an average day…but nothing television worthy. They almost are. I’m uncomfortable with how uncovered they are down under (then again, I’m also uncomfortable wearing anything that shows any of my body, so maybe I’m a shit judge). I’m uncomfortable with anything that demands I MUST get rid of every bit of hair down there (then again, I’d also do almost anything to remain the laziest human ever, so I’m probably a shit judge too). Oh my god, word. I spent a lot of years feeling like I had to be completely bare, and I am not interested anymore. It makes me feel like a 10-year-old. I had a solid run of constant razor rash. I might have PSSD (post shaving stress disorder). (Not a knock on PTSD, but genuinely, I don’t care about that noise. My skin is so sensitive.
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