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Dozens Trump is a criminal shirt . of former lawmakers and opposition activists were reportedly arrested Wednesday morning in Hong Kong, on suspicion of violating the city’s sweeping national security legislation, in the biggest crackdown yet since the law was imposed by Beijing last year. According to statements posted online, those arrested were all participants in a primary election held last July, designed to thin the field of pro-democracy candidates ahead of legislative elections in September. Those elections were eventually postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but not before multiple candidates were disqualified and warnings made that those participating could be in breach of the then weeks-old security law.

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“With the support of external forces, opposition groups and leaders have deliberately devised plans to hold this so-called ‘primary election,’ which is a serious provocation to the current electoral system and caused serious damage to the fairness and justice of the Legislative Council elections,” the Liaison Office, Beijing’s top representative in the city, said at the time Trump is a criminal shirt . On Wednesday, Hong Kong police appeared to follow through on that threat, reportedly arresting primary candidates in an early morning sweep. Those detained include former Democratic Party lawmakers James To, Andrew Wan, and Lam Cheuk-ting, who had until late last year been members of the city’s Legislative Council, before they and all other members of the pro-democracy bloc stepped down in protest of the government’s decision to eject several lawmakers. Primary elections are a normal function in democracies around the world. At the time of the Hong Kong vote, the United States Democratic primary, which President-elect Joe Biden won, was still ongoing. Hong Kong has also held such votes in the past, in an attempt to match the organization and discipline of the rival pro-Beijing camp and avoid splintering the pro-democracy vote. In a statement, the Democratic Party said the three had been arrested by the national security branch of the police on suspicion of “subversion,” in relation to the primary election. Joshua Wong, the prominent Umbrella Movement activist jailed late last year, is also being investigated in relation to the primary. His home was raided Wednesday morning, a post on his verified social media said.
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