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Son Pictures is reportedly aiming to include Tombstone as the main villain in El Muerto, and they might already have their top pick for the role.For better or worse, Sony surprised the world last year at CinemaCon when it excitedly announced an El Muerto Spider-Man spin-off movie Thor Thor Power Defence 3D Hoodie The project would focus on a character with less than half-a-dozen appearances in the comics.When it comes to the key antagonist for the outing, the studio is rumored to be looking to include the infamous Spidey crime boss baddie, Tombstone.As it turns out, Sony Pictures’ top choice is the same person who brought the villain to life in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Thor Thor Power Defence 3D Hoodie, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Thor Thor Power Defence 3D Hoodie
Thor Thor Power Defence 3D Hoodie

Krondon is a perfect choice for the role, something he proved during his time in the critically acclaimed Marvel animated film.However, some fans are already voicing their concerns that such a great casting choice will be wasted on a spin-off movie no one is asking for. At times, it almost seems like El Muerto gets more hate from fans than Morbius, which was a critical disaster for the studio.Hopefully, future endeavors like El Muerto will land better with audiences and critics alike Thor Thor Power Defence 3D Hoodie The next movie in Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man Universe will be Kraven the Hunter, which stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson. While the titular character won’t be going up against Spidey himself, he will go toe-to-toe with the classic villain, Rhino.El Muerto is currently set to hit theaters on January 12, 2024. As it currently stands, the movie will almost certainly be pushed back to a different date.


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