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Vader chose to This Is My Christmas Pajama shirt . one person. Instead of all three. He chose to not kill anyone. He chose not to have anyone else concurrently question Leia or Han about some very time-sensitive information – where the Rebels went after fleeing him on Hoth. In fact, Vader didn’t even care about the Rebel transports at all; he put his ship and multiple Star Destroyers on chasing the Falcon to wherever it may have gone. Which is another very interesting situation that might suggest more than we know? Vader chases the Falcon into an asteroid field, at which point Palpatine orders Vader to make contact – pulling him out of the asteroid field.

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That This Is My Christmas Pajama shirt . is the one. Luke Skywalker, in which Vader denies Luke’s relationship to him, then denies Luke’s power, then argues to save Luke’s life. That is odd timing for Palpatine to force that issue. I think Vader was off the reservation in ESB, from the beginning. The Emperor told him to search his own feelings to know the truth of Luke’s existence, which means Vader must have felt it before then. Vader didn’t torture Han to attract Luke; he already knew enough to know that he wouldn’t need to make them suffer to bring Luke to his friends. Vader came to Cloud City with the intent of using Han and Leia to trap Luke, which means that was his intention chasing the Falcon. And was his well before Palpatine told him to do it. Carbon freeze technology was ad hoc on Cloud City (at least for human freezing, according to Lando), and Vader didn’t possess it on any of his ships. Boba Fett didn’t want Han frozen. It was a risky improvisation on Vader’s part; it was never his intention to actually use it on Luke. Think about it: Vader fails to get Luke into the freezing chamber but then kicks his ass left and right. Yoda predicted that Luke wasn’t ready. Vader outclasses Luke the entire time. So why can’t Vader manage to get Luke into the carbonite?
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