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The US Capitol The Slayer shirt . is surrounded by fences and troops amid fear the January 6 riots could spark violence this weekend and leading up to Wednesday’s inauguration. But experts worry the real threat may be what the attack unleashed for the long term. “The plots of tomorrow are literally being hatched right now,” Oren Segal, vice president of the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism, told CNN. Experts shared growing concern about chatter around a unifying message of people who feel wronged — by those in power, by the political system and by Big Tech.

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They’re also worried that the numbers of potentially violent extremists are growing The Slayer shirt . Social media giants banned President Donald Trump and others over fears their posts would continue to spark violence, which the experts said has led to a sympathetic and growing audience at risk of radicalization. Some who had communicated via Facebook, Twitter or even Parler are now on other platforms. Those include Telegram, where extremists and White supremacist channels have existed and spewed hate for years in channels largely unmoderated until just days ago. On many of these channels, there is frequent praise of mass killers, tactical instructions and vile and disturbing radicalizing content being spread rapidly. “Our moderators are reviewing an increased number of reports related to public posts with calls to violence, which are expressly forbidden by our Terms of Service,” Telegram spokesperson Remi Vaughn told CNN in a statement on Wednesday. Vaughn added: “We welcome peaceful discussion and peaceful protests, but routinely remove publicly available content that contains direct calls to violence.” Segal calls the Capitol attack a seminal moment and says it will have a major impact, even more than the country’s historically biggest catalysts for major anti-government activity. “It ain’t Waco, it’s not Ruby Ridge, this is bigger than that,” Segal explains comparing January 6 to past events that sparked calls to action and inspired deeper distrust and sometimes hatred against the government. “This stuff impacts more people.” In public and private chats there are common messages about plotting to “take back America” or rallying together against supposed censorship, according to Angelo Carusone, president and CEO of Media Matters for America. Carusone and his team have been tracking extremist language and posting in a variety of media landscapes. “We saw these mass migrations from traditional platforms like Twitter and Facebook to a surge of activity on Parler, and then a secondary surge of activity onto platforms like Telegram as these intermediate groups started to build up redundancy in their communications,” he says. “And that meant fresh blood,” Carusone says.
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