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The WCW tv show name ideas such as The Nitro Rifle shirt . Saturday Night and Hotbox were joke names that WWE went ahead and trademarked anyway. The name of the WCW show was something that was debated for hours. Towards the end and in the early hours of the morning, those names were thrown out to make the team laugh. My recollection is that hotboxing is when you smoke a joint too rapidly, leading to an elongated cherry (the part that’s actively burning).

The Nitro Rifle shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

The Nitro Rifle Classic Women's T-shirt
Classic Women’s
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Unisex Hoodie
The Nitro Rifle Classic Men's T-shirt
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I loved those B&V TNA rants The Nitro Rifle shirt . Like. ones were so amazing. They would talk up the good stuff to make me want to watch it and they would bury the bad stuff I would want to watch to see how bad it was I really wish a crazy man would start uploading them again. stumbling across those videos is what got me into F4W in the first place I doubt I’m the only person to stumble across them and become a fan I often go to sleep listening to those rants. Last night I was listening to the legendary “gold boat” rant. The only issue is I sometimes enjoy them too much to actually fall asleep. And unlike some guys, who do get hit with the copyright stick, the crazy man didn’t upload new stuff; only old stuff that would get people interested in B&V. He even commented once that he to upload anything that wasn’t at least a year old because he was trying to help get Bryan subscribers rather than undercut him. It came out literally the following fortnight. This caused a Chyna temper tantrum in the locker room and pretty much killed any chance of them re-signing her. And they didn’t want to book her to drop the belt because they didn’t trust her not to shoot on the girl she was in with, given her general attitude. Some of that stuff didn’t actually come out until years later. Someone used to upload them onto a now defunct Australian fan forum and we’d all read them free of charge. Sorry, Dave.
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