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Lying back on the the dadalorian baby yoda shirt . moreover I love this couch in the living room, we ok a break when he conveniently positioned his penis in the pathway of my feet. Reluctantly, I give him a hand job…with my feet. be honest though, I was paying more attention the episode of The Defiant Ones that was playing on the screen than I was him. Later on, as we were finishing up the snacks and the last of the red wine, he confessed that my foot Instagram posts had been fueling his fantasies for the past couple of weeks. The thought that my spoof shoe-stagram could be part of someone’s sexual fantasy was, in a word, surprising.

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It was nearing 9 p the dadalorian baby yoda shirt .m., and I mumbled something about getting tired. He got the moreover I love this hint. Once he left, I was able digest what had just happened. Normally, I’m not one for one-night stands—much less foot fetishists!—but then, nothing about these last few months had been “normal.” Without the pressure that usually comes with dating, I had been able enjoy this single, albeit strange, experience without any expectations. A few weeks later, after posting an image of my new Uggs, a pandemic purchase, with my ankle ever so slightly exposed, a text from him popped up on my phone. “Hot. LMK when I should come around again!” Needless say, I left his message on read—perhaps for another rainy day.
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