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That The Circle of Life for Pizzas shirt . like a great idea, I’ve never thought of that. Probably because I’ve always chopped wood with a hydraulic splitter lol. But the manual way sounds satisfying when I’m angry. Quicksand, snowball effect-when something doesn’t go right, and you’re mad about it and nothing you do can seem to correct the course. Stop. Stare at it. And when it doesn’t automatically open, they turn back and walk through the automatic door. Fucking ridiculous. You have a limited amount of door opens before you die. Gotta slip through pre-opened doors whenever you can!

The Circle of Life for Pizzas shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

The Circle of Life for Pizzas Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
The Circle of Life for Pizzas Hoodie
The Circle of Life for Pizzas Long Sleeve
Long Sleeve
The Circle of Life for Pizzas Sweatshirt
The Circle of Life for Pizzas Unisex

You were probably already in a The Circle of Life for Pizzas shirt . mood because of lack of sleep, which may have been caused by some other shitty thing, then you get to the gym and find you’re not even able to do the same amount of reps as last time, too? FUCK THIS. That’s tilt. Yup. Right there. It allows me to just focus on my problem while getting my adrenaline spiking. I also hate when there are double doors and one of them is locked 100% of the time but you always seem to pick the wrong one. For real they must think that last-second decision to put on the turn signal makes it all better. Then again I also feel after I’m done working out. It’s like I get angry about one thing then happy about the rest of my life. But I did it once while insanely pissed and having nowhere to put it, as I was driving. I held onto the wheel and just started fucking screaming my lungs out while undulating back and forth. People not turning on their blinker, slamming on their brakes to turn, and then turning on their blinker the second before they turn. But no matter what I say she doesn’t change her ways, she just thinks I’m annoying to have in her car lol
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