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Few previous periods Swim Turtle Ugly Christmas shirt . in his administration have featured such light schedules. Trump has rarely if ever resisted television cameras for this long. His three public appearances since November 3 have amounted to a lie-filled appearance in the briefing room, a rain-soaked wreath laying at Arlington National Cemetery and remarks in the Rose Garden about the coronavirus vaccine, all of which ended without any questions. Even Trump’s publicly listed but closed-press events have been spare. He has twice had lunch with Vice President Mike Pence, and met with his secretaries of the State Department and Treasury Department last Thursday. But his schedule has not included a classified intelligence briefing in more than a month, even as his administration is denying those briefings to the President-elect, who convened his own non-governmental national security meeting on Tuesday and invited cameras in for a photo-op.

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Swim Turtle Ugly Christmas Classic Ladies
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Swim Turtle Ugly Christmas Hoodie
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Swim Turtle Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt
Swim Turtle Ugly Christmas shirt
Swim Turtle Ugly Christmas shirt

Trump has mostly stopped phoning US allies, particularly as they move toward recognizing Biden’s win Swim Turtle Ugly Christmas shirt . The last foreign leader the White House said Trump spoke with was French President Emmanuel Macron, who he dialed on October 30 after a terrorist attack in Nice. On Tuesday, two of Trump’s closest global friends, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, placed congratulatory calls to Biden. He has sent smoke signals through some members of the conservative media. His friend Geraldo Rivera, a correspondent at Fox News, said Trump described himself as a “realist” when they spoke last week. “Time coming soon to say goodbye with grace & dignity,” Rivera tweeted. Trump spent the ensuing weekend making false claims that he “won the election,” including in all capital letters, that social media outlets labeled disinformation. In the immediate aftermath of the election, some of Trump’s advisers pushed for more official events that would demonstrate the President going about the job he is now desperately trying to retain. But the White House did not have any announcements or official engagements in the pipeline ahead of November 3 because Trump and his team were so focused on reelection. Trump has made policy and personnel moves from behind closed doors, including firing the defense secretary and preparing the Afghanistan and Iraq drawdown orders. He reportedly asked about options for striking Iran during a meeting last week. And his administration is scrambling to harden efforts on deregulation and immigration before the end of Trump’s term. Behind the scenes, Trump has been eager to accomplish things that fell by the wayside during his first years in office and people close to him have said to expect that the next two months won’t pass quietly. Yet Trump has demonstrated little interest in adding more to his schedule, people familiar with the matter said, and few aides have raised the idea with him because of his dark mood and preoccupation with his loss.
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