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English football Super Bowl Lv 2021 Tampa Bay Buccaneers shirt . has always suffered with a severe lack of representation at the top of the game, something it has been trying, but also struggling, to fix. According to research carried out by FAREnet in 2014, the proportion of Black, Asian and minority ethnic footballers in English professional football — in first teams, academies and development squads — since the early 1990s has been approximately 30%, with the current figure for professional footballers in the UK at around 25%. However, this figure has never been mirrored in senior positions or of authority within the sport, a critically important component as without Black representation at the top of British football, who is driving change? Despite the English Football League announcing in June 2019 that new regulations inspired by the NFL’s ‘Rooney Rule’ would be officially introduced after an 18-month trial period, the number of Black, Asian and minority ethnic coaches in England’s top four divisions has decreased.

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The rule — named after NFL diversity committee chairman Dan Rooney — requires clubs to interview at least one BAME candidate for vacant managerial or senior operational positions Super Bowl Lv 2021 Tampa Bay Buccaneers shirt . This time last year, five of the 92 (5.4%) coaches in English professional football were from a BAME background. Now, that number is just four of 92 (4.3%); Nuno Espirito Santo of Wolverhampton Wanderers, Nottingham Forest’s Chris Hughton, Doncaster’s Darren Moore and Keith Curle of Northampton Town. Due to Covid-19 complications and the previous season being extended, the EFL says that the final numbers for the Rooney Rule in 2019/20 are not yet available, but early indications show that it was followed in more than 60% of recruitment processes. But if the sport is going to address the lack of representation in coaching roles, those involved know it will need to be a collective effort to undo the years of exclusion and bias, both conscious and unconscious, that have led to a dearth of Black coaches at the top of the game. As Hughton told CNN last year, football “lost a generation of really influential black players that we feel could have made very good managers.” “I came through an era where the perception of black individuals in football was good center forwards, good wingers, fast and strong but not really captain or management material,” he said. “I think after that, it never allowed the game to have them as black role models and as managers for the next generation behind them.” That’s why the BAME player-to-coach placement scheme was jointly launched by the Premier League, the PFA and EFL in July with the aim of “increasing the number of Black, Asian and minority ethnic players moving into full-time coaching roles in the professional game.”
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