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Guys you have to admit Sorry I Cant its Week 2020 Shark shirt . Trump did give it his all on the California drought. Liberals tears almost solved the problem alone! That was worth the price of admission alone! IMHO. I was thinking the same at least he tried to do right for others, not like what’s happening here. That’s one comment, see you tomorrow. Hanna Hurban you mad? Big mad or little mad? Doesn’t matter, don’t know, don’t care, be blessed instead of stressed and trump pressed. This whole country was destined to go down.

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Sorry I Cant its Week 2020 Shark Hoodie
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He is the dismantle guy Sorry I Cant its Week 2020 Shark shirt . He is selling off our remaining valuable infrastructure to his buddies and a cut-rate price… then gonna dip out with all the profits and the favors owed by big wealthy people. (You still think we aren’t corrupt? Bwahahahahaha). It is ironic! Both ran and won off of memes and both are doing/have done a good job to the surprise of many people. I was not a supporter at all, but honestly, he’s not doing a bad job at all. America hasn’t “collapsed” from what I understand it’s more stable and has grown economically. I get that Trump isn’t popular with some people but the reality is he’s done a fine job as president. Is that your take away with this. This country is trying to make itself better. It would be better of us if we looked at the job as being very hard and try to support the people that stand up with a plan to make it better than sit on our butts and criticize. Yes, there are some similarities, but Jon started this as a joke born out of frustration but with a good heart and he still managed to do some good, while trump campaigned to get attention, has committed only evil and selfish actions and uses the WH as a venue for money laundering. This sounds like a script for a Hollywood comedy movie!!  OK, I HAVE to ask – did the people get their free towels and polar bear and Disneyland though? 
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