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Wish I would have made the t-shirt Respect RBG Ruth Bader Ginsburg shirt . Lol. He was a cool bull and I won Redding on him one year(90 puts) and Cotton threw me a bottle of Gentleman Jack in the arena. I was also the last guy to get on him( and ride him) at a pbr in California.  I really enjoyed filming and producing this documentary. Nothing but class from Don Kish, John Growney, Wade Leslie, Sue Roscoff, Phil Gardenhire, Wolfman and Red Rock. The big tip of the hat to Bull and Rider and everyone that makes this historical event and production such a world-class story. It was great to see Phil inducted into the Hall of Fame this year. LOL, I have seen some pretty worn out Perfect Ride videocassettes over the years! Glad you liked the documentary Treven. remember Mark covering him for 96pts? Mark stuck it to him good. Was in control the whole time. You covered him a few times at the finals which were great rides too.

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Classic Ladies
Respect RBG Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hoodie
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Respect RBG Ruth Bader Ginsburg Sweatshirt
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Nearly everyone in this video turns back to the right Respect RBG Ruth Bader Ginsburg shirt . I like that. Not very many guys have that many total packages in one pen! Keep em coming! D&H and Kish should do some trading you guys always have the rank pen. That 242 bull is one of the fastest I’ve seen in a while from the looks of it. Great looking pen. Love seeing breeding programs like this one. Liked every out, your Bulls are super and your program is working and looking great. Keep bucking… Every time you feed them to make the same noise or whistle eventually they will come right to it. Our cows are bat crazy. They run free most of the year and are as wild as you can get. But agree with you on the way it’s done. We feed our Kish bred cows and bulls in a big trap every evening. When they hear the Ranger startup, they head that way.

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