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Specifically Reindeer Jewdolph Ugly Christmas shirt . Ratcliffe said Thursday that the Chinese government “engaged in a massive influence campaign that included targeting several dozen members of Congress and congressional aides” over the last year — arguing that Beijing’s efforts dwarfed those of other foreign adversaries and rivals, including Russia. While the precise details of this influence campaign remain highly classified, a senior national security official told CNN that the Chinese government used a variety of tactics, including attempted bribery and blackmail.

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“Our intelligence shows that Beijing regularly directs this type of influence operation in the U Reindeer Jewdolph Ugly Christmas shirt .S. I briefed the House and Senate Intelligence committees that China is targeting members of Congress with six times the frequency of Russia and 12 times the frequency of Iran,” Ratcliffe wrote in Thursday’s op-ed. Meanwhile, the Chinese government has also been “re-vectoring” its influence efforts towards officials with the incoming Biden administration and those around them, the top US counterintelligence official, Bill Evanina said Wednesday. Evanina, the director of the US National Counterintelligence and Security Center, called the efforts “diplomatic influence plus, or on steroids,” saying the shift was expected. “We’re starting to see that play [out] across the country, to not only the folks that are in the new admin but those who are around those folks in the new (administration),” Evanina said during his conversation on China at the Aspen Cyber Summit. The goal is to make sure those in the new administration “know what it looks like, what it tastes like, what it feels like when you see it.” Other agencies within the Trump administration have also taken recent steps that will ratchet up tensions between Washington and Beijing. The State Department is imposing new restrictions on travel visas to the United States for members of the Chinese Communist Party, a State Department spokesperson confirmed Thursday. Under the new rules, the travel visas of CCP members and their immediate family members will change from 10 years to one month and will be single entry. The US is also closely watching the ramp up of Chinese military activity around Taiwan, another potential flash point that could pose problems for the Biden administration if it continues to escalate.
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