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All the Punisher Skull With Logo Gti Shirt . and by the same token and professional confidence of that heat-generating formula—and his continuing interest in involving artists in the collection—swaggered again through his fall 2021 runway video for Dior Men. It opened with a glittering gilded embroidered coat, worn over what looked to be a military-influenced, star-buttoned suit. In fact, as Jones explained in a call from Paris, his research was based on the ceremonial tail-coated attire required by artists in France when they’re inducted into the Academie des Beaux-Arts in Paris—the buttons are an adaptation from a Christian Dior haute couture dress designed by Marc Bohan in the 1960s. “In fact, we’ve made several of them [the Academie’s coats] for people since I’ve been here,” he said. The crossover from male bespoke to the work of Dior’s embroidery ateliers is a little-known living tradition at this house.

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Punisher Skull With Logo Gti Shirt
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Segue to Jones’s contemporary artist hook-up of the Punisher Skull With Logo Gti Shirt . and by the same token and season. This time, it’s with the Scottish-born painter Peter Doig, whose roving background—an upbringing in Trinidad, study in London in the 1980s, success in the ’90s, a move to Canada—is exactly the stuff that brings out the fanboy in Jones: “Peter was at Central Saint Martins with Stephen Jones, and knew all the people I’m obsessed by—Leigh Bowery, Trojan, the London club kids at that time. Stephen introduced us. He really became part of the studio for the collection, and started making things, painting hats, and designing the set, which is based on the speaker stacks he’s collected.” Stephen Jones, Dior’s resident milliner confirms: “Yes, Peter was always hanging out with us fashion-y types at school. Then all of a sudden, unlike us, he went off and became a major international artist.”
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