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The thing is Pug bark the king in the house stars shirt . I’m not sure if the pro has any limitations. I think it’s open to any pro who doesn’t wanna do the 10b event. Their schedules overlap so pros can only pick one. I don’t think he got to play but yes, Dennis and James were #1 and #2 on the waiting list, and James was able to sneak in when someone forfeited out or whatever. I’m lazy to check brackets but I bet Dennis skipped all events just to gamble.

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Pug bark the king in the house stars Hoodie
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It’s too bad they nuked the 1-pocket event or he’d be in it for sure Pug bark the king in the house stars shirt . That bit about Wilkie getting demoralized by Aranas stuck a chord with me. Wilkie is #32 in the USA and gets tortured by Aranas like an average APA 4 would vs a good 7 who is catching a gear.  Also, it’s good to see that Melinda won the APA women’s amateur championship this past year. Nice for someone who is/was pretty embedded in the pool scene to have some legit hardware to take home. yeah, she sounded like she was trying hard and not getting anywhere, and getting frustrated. Hope to meet her someday at valley forge or somewhere, and tell her she’s rad. You’d never believe it but… Willie Mosconi. All his life, just hustling people for hits of crystal meth. He was high when he ran 526.  I don’t want to name names, because it is just a rumor and could be complete bullshit. But you probably won’t have to look too far to decipher it. Cheers! Can’t wait to try that trick myself, not sure how well it works with a stiffer jump cue vs. Marty’s sorta rubbery one. Walmart, for example, his real name is Tommy Stevenson from Ohio. He has a 730 FargoRate so I would classify him as a high open/low tiered pro. In 10ball, he had a tremendous break. Getting the 8 balls is huge in that advantage because if he broke well and got shape on his next ball, he would most likely win. Most players from the high 600s to top-tier pro can break and run at will. As long as the table isn’t playing funny and the break is working.
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