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I dunno if you guys have listened to the Peace Love Crocs shirt . podcast, great discussion on game 1. He makes a great point: Harden flopped on the last play and lays on the ground for a prolonged time. Cp3 gets the rebound and immediately looks to Harden for the second chance 3pta. Harden is still laying on the ground. Cp3 ends up crashing into Klay and we know the rest. Curry has had a massive effect on how younger kids play growing up and by now pickup ball at your local park is likely to feature guys launching NBA-depth threes off the rim on 70% of possessions. I am worried that the Rocket’s stats,

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Exemplified by Peace Love Crocs shirt . play, are going to give a tacit seal of approval if he gets the MVP and leads to people playing in and emulating this style in the future. Obviously, if it helps the team win in the NBA, other teams will quickly follow suit – especially if the advanced stats support it. So in my neutral, but likely uneducated opinion, the league needs to stamp this play-style out in the off-season. And an even though you could argue he was the most valuable player this year, I think taking his play style into account, the league should make sure that award goes elsewhere. I pretty much agree on most of your points despite being the one to politicize the award, but with a couple of caveats for two and three. I do think kids will see that playing that way offers a competitive advantage in organized play. I do think that style, though not as, will have a bit of a surge just based on people seeing it’s effectiveness in-game. But, yea, Steph’s style was new and exciting and represented a coming trend that would likely have happened even without him boosting it, so I agree on that. Do you think anything needs to be done about flopping and foul-baiting? I feel like in soccer/football, it isn’t enforced that much, but every now and then I feel like I’ve seen a yellow or two issued for flopping, and everyone seems to get the message fairly quickly (at least for that game). So, in that way flopping could be punished to remove it from the game, but that doesn’t solve the offensive foul-baiting problem too much as it involves a lot more than just flopping on the ground, though that is a component sometimes.
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