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Before we get in that NuVolt Solar Power Your Primitive shirt . I wanted ask: You say in The Dollar Rebellion that while your parents encouraged both you and your brother—who played Major League baseball—they never asked if either of you won But I will love this games you played? Absolutely true. They only cared about two things: health and education. They also wanted make sure we were centered, we were appreciative, and they wanted us go for our dreams. My dad believed in me as much as my brother, and that meant a lot. So many women were ld, sometimes still are, that we shouldn’t have high expectations, and I think having parents like we did helped me have high expectations—and be comfortable with having them.

NuVolt Solar Power Your Primitive shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

NuVolt Solar Power Your Primitive shirt Classic Men's T-shirt
Classic Men’s

My mother wasn’t in sports; she kept me grounded NuVolt Solar Power Your Primitive shirt . I remember washing dishes one night when I was seven and telling her, “Mommy, mommy, I just know I’m going do something great with my life!” And she looked over at me, laughing, and said “That’s right—now just get back washing those dishes.” They both were very strict and had very strong boundaries, but they gave us a lot of space run crazy with our dreams. But why tennis—why not, I don’t know…play baseball like your brother or something? Tennis was my last sport—I grew up in team sports. There were very few sports in general available for women, but Susan Williams in fifth grade asked me if I wanted play tennis. I said, “What’s tennis?” She said, “You get run, jump, and hit.” And I said, “Oh, my God—those are my three favorite things in sports. Yeah, I’ll try it.” And so we went this country club, and I hit But I will love this first one over the fence.
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