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Basically Nameless Faceless Fearless Dispatcher shirt . Rick has gone from the embodiment of an uncaring universe, made human by his attachments and sympathy, to the embodiment of the patriarchy, made inhuman because he doesn’t care about anything but himself and oppresses everyone around him. Mind pointing out the moments when Rick was outwitted by average women? I must’ve missed something, ’cause all I remember is Beth taking the antidote with her in Pickle Rick, which – considering the idiocy of the idea – IMHO hardly counts. That’s not outwitting. She just summed up his personality and why he wouldn’t be interested in therapy, everyone on this subreddit can do that.

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I like this Nameless Faceless Fearless Dispatcher shirt . You bring good arguments to the table. I didn’t really notice the drop in quality, but I watch the episodes out of order and rarely know what season I’m in. But, I do know that Pickle Rick was a season 3 thing, and I absolutely hated it.. So. Yeah. I agree, but I probably won’t stop watching the show. Me neither actually. I don’t think it’s jumped the shark or anything, despite my alarmist analysis. I just don’t like the new direction. The shift from philosophy to psychology happening concurrently with a rewrite of over half the cast is disconcerting, to say the least. Harmon losing his shit. I don’t think it’s fair to say it’s the female writers because there are plenty of good female writers. You did pretty well analyzing some of the episodes. But you kinda justified some episodes that you liked with the same excuse that you trashed later on. Like when you talked about Rick trolling the Devil because it was funny, that’s just what Rick was searching for when he turned himself into a pickle. A plan backfired and he acted just like a lot of episodes. He wanted to prove that he is better than the Devil and he did it with his body, without limitations. When he turned into a pickle he said that he did it because he can, when things got out of control he just rolled with it like he always does. I think he just hired a bunch of crappy writers because they were women rather than good writers who are also women.
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