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No idea about anything else he did, but whether this is My heart belongs to daddy girl shirt . to me depends entirely on if he signed the first ball. If he did, it kind of just seems like some banter / mild shit talk, but if he didn’t, it is kind of douchey. For what it’s worth, Joe Davis is our announcer now. He technically still works for Fox, though, so he gets sent out to do other games on weekends sometimes. Did one of your games against the Sox recently. At least we don’t have to listen to Charlie Steiner every game Davis is gone. Although Steiner is probably better for TV than radio.

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It’s astounding they were able to find a guy that actually feels like a worthy successor to My heart belongs to daddy girl shirt . it’s a thing that would have seemed almost impossible but I think he’s about as close to that as you could possibly come. While it’s obviously a very different style than Vin, Davis is really good in a more modern way. And they got a young guy so hopefully, he can do this for a long, long time. We had a similar shift without organist when Nancy Bea retired and was replaced with Dieter Ruehle. She was fantastic (as was Helen Dell) at the classic approach to her job and keeping a light, fun atmosphere. Dieter is younger and will play pop hits, but he’s no less good at his job and no worse a fit. Say what you will about Ryan Braun, but I loved how he handled his MadBum encounter last season. Bumgarner threw a pitch inside, and it looked like he was trying to plunk Braun, as a walk would mean a not so hot Schoop was up next.
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