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As the first My Bus Is Full Of Shamrocks shirt . doses of a coronavirus vaccine are prepared for shipment to communities across the United States, President Donald Trump has an opportunity to mark a historic milestone for science — and show some semblance of leadership in curbing the spread of Covid-19 as the number of US cases crosses 16 million. Instead, he is engaged in self-sabotage, distracting Americans from that great accomplishment for his administration by spreading more election disinformation while questioning whether to fire Attorney General William Barr, in part, because Barr did not inform Trump of the federal investigation into the business dealings of Hunter Biden, the son of President-elect Joe Biden, before the election.

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Slashing at Barr on Twitter this weekend instead of focusing on saving American lives amid a deadly surge in coronavirus cases, Trump reminded the nation of one of the truisms about the way he has regarded his allies both in business and politics: everyone is expendable if they do not follow his dictates My Bus Is Full Of Shamrocks shirt . No matter how loyal an aide has been — and regardless of how many times they put their own reputation on the line to do Trump’s bidding — the President has shown no compunction about casting them aside as soon he is convinced they are no longer useful as one of his political tools. He has treated the Justice Department as though it were a fleet of his own personal lawyers, attempting to pressure them into investigating his political enemies and showing a disturbing lack of respect for the department’s historic independence from politics. During an interview with Fox News that aired Sunday, Trump said he was disappointed that Barr did not reveal the existence of the investigation before the election: “Everybody is,” he said. “Bill Barr should have stepped up.” Barr, a longtime Trump loyalist who has taken many questionable steps on Trump’s behalf, had already infuriated the President by recently telling the Associated Press that he had not seen any evidence to support Trump’s false assertions about widespread election fraud that would change the results of the election. Their broken relationship deteriorated further after Trump found out that Barr held to the longtime Justice Department precedent that it should not take overt actions that could affect an election and therefore kept the investigation into Biden’s son under wraps before November 3.
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