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I dunno Monster Mask Dance Party shirt . it’s not denying anyone their right to assemble it’s just restricting it to “not anonymously”.  It’s never gotten in the way of Halloween celebrations or parades. Nope. It’s even stricter in some states. In Virginia you’re not allowed to cover your face except in extreme cold weather. I remember in HS a buddy of mine was talking about wanting to get a pig for a pet (not sure if he was serious or just thinking about what it would be like), and a teacher passing by mentioned that it was against the law.

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Now that I know it’s a law just in my town, I’m even more confused about how the teacher knew about it than the fact it exists in the first place Monster Mask Dance Party shirt .  Also the sleeping in the car law is weird. They can ticket you for being parked there between 2 and 5 though. Hey man, don’t sweat it, there are some bad apples in your life, like the one you described, happy to see that you moved on, just keep working on your life and let go of those hoes. If you need to talk, pm me or something. Kids grow up and do what they see. It took me a long time to realize why my ex is a psychopath..his mother… So i get it. It suxka to have someone like that in your life. Best thing is to close the door. Never respond never look their direction. If need be the poloce need to be envolved.never go to court alone. Use someone elses car if you need to park in the court area…i had a lot of experience with that.. You spent $1300 to find out your gf was a psycho-in-training. Money well spent. Everyone is a bit insane. Try to find someone whose insanity you can deal with. There is one north of DFW too tho. I can not for the life of my remember what it’s called, but DH and I stopped there on out way back from business in OKC. Its a licensed cannabis consumption venue, only two in America.

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