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I think the worst Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women shirt . I’ve had is people just think I’m some old guy at college trying to get young girls. I am married, my wife would murder me. Ya, the boot camp one didn’t kick in one night during deployment. I was like “Shit, boot camp was fun as hell and the dream” comparing it to current shit. I got out in 94. Did 2 tours at NTC. We became famous for having the only “live kill” in the history of NTC…

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Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women Hoodie
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We blew up the water tower to the officer’s showers after calling for target and getting a confirm Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women shirt .  Pretty much. I really only bring three uniforms when I go to JRTC/NTC. One for the first two weeks, one per week for the next two. I hand wash the first one and wear it on the way home. Dude – 21 should be at the top. 19 isn’t true for me, I’ve been fortunate. 27 is great! I am an officer in a school-based Civil Air Patrol program and trying to get 12 & 13-year-olds to understand the concept of not locking knees when information is apparently difficult because they fall out in this Florida heat a lot. We are working on it though – it is a young unit yet. I’ve heard that soldiers/vets don’t like all those really patriotic country songs. It that true? I hope it’s true cause I don’t like them either. Except for the end of boot camp where they played that country song “Proud to be an American”, I’ve always rolled my eyes or tuned out. LOL, I always thought they were cheesy as hell. I also hate those “I support” bumper stickers and graphics. Do you support our troops? How? What have you done for any of them? Ohhhh that’s right. You tried to sleep with one of their wives while they were deployed. Do you support our veterans? Ever give one a job? I hate all that PR crap. This wouldn’t get me far with my SO if I shared this article with her. While some of it’s pretty true, mostly the lack of caring about trivial shit that really comes off as being someone with little empathy, it also makes it seem that a military man can’t come around to being more sympathetic and engaging (face-to-face) with their SO. I told my lady straight off the bat that I have these issues and I told her that I’m willing to work with her
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