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The European Union Miruko 2021 shirt . has ordered 300 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, which could be approved for use as soon as this week, with an option to purchase an additional 100 million. The company said that production has been hampered by a manufacturing issue. “While there is no scheduled delay to the start of shipments of our vaccine should we receive approval in Europe, initial volumes will be lower than originally anticipated due to reduced yields at a manufacturing site within our European supply chain,” AstraZeneca said in a statement. “We will be supplying tens of millions of doses in February and March to the European Union, as we continue to ramp up production volumes.”

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The news has sent the bloc reeling, just as it was racing to assess the impact of delays announced by Pfizer Miruko 2021 shirt . The US company said on Jan. 15 that it would deliver fewer doses than planned last week while it upgraded its manufacturing facility in Puurs, Belgium. The drugmaker said it would still be able to meet first quarter targets, and as a result of the changes to its Belgium plant would be able to churn out 2 billion doses by the end of 2021. That’s up from the 1.3 billion it had originally estimated. Pfizer said Monday it would return to its original schedule of deliveries for the European Union this week. European governments are demanding answers, pointing out that the success of their vaccination efforts is dependent on the private sector. “On the one hand we can only welcome the result of science, and on the other hand they have a monopoly and we are totally dependent,” Belgian Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke said on Saturday. “There may be production issues, but these uncertainties and announcements make it very difficult to organize the campaign.” Kyriakides said on Monday that the bloc would now demand “full transparency concerning the export of vaccines” from the European Union. “In the future, all companies producing vaccines against Covid-19 in the EU will have to provide early notification whenever they want to export vaccines to third countries. Humanitarian deliveries are of course not affected by this,” she said on Twitter.
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