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More than 12 Merry christmas blue nordic gnomes 2020 shirt .2 million people. in the US have been infected with coronavirus, and more than 256,000 people have died, according to Johns Hopkins. But the real case count is likely to be “multitudes” higher because there’s not enough testing, said Dr. Esther Choo, professor of emergency medicine at Oregon Health & Science University. Choo said she’s especially concerned by how quickly new cases are accelerating. “So many states have test positivity rates above 20%, which means that we are vastly lagging behind in our confirmed cases,” she said. For context, the World Health Organization has recommended governments not reopen until they keep their test positivity rate at or below 5% for 14 days.

Merry christmas blue nordic gnomes 2020 shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Merry christmas blue nordic gnomes 2020  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Merry christmas blue nordic gnomes 2020  Hoodie
Merry christmas blue nordic gnomes 2020  Long Sleeve
Long Sleeve
Merry christmas blue nordic gnomes 2020  Sweatshirt
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As of Sunday, only six states — Vermont, Hawaii, Maine, New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire — plus the District of Columbia met that WHO standard, according to Johns Hopkins data Merry christmas blue nordic gnomes 2020 shirt . Of the remaining 44 states, several had test positivity rates of more than 40%: Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa and Idaho. States and communities have tried to get the virus under control by implementing new restrictions. Los Angeles County announced Sunday it would halt outdoor dining after the 5-day average of Covid-19 cases surpassed 4,000 cases, according to the county’s Department of Public Health. The order goes into effect Wednesday evening and will remain in place for at least three weeks, officials said. It includes dining at restaurants, breweries, wineries and bars, all of which will be limited to takeout and delivery service. “Public Health reminds everyone to stay home as much as possible for the next two to three weeks to change the trajectory of surging cases and save lives,” the department said in a statement. With this unprecedented surge of Covid-19, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned against Thanksgiving travel and against celebrating with anyone outside your own household. The CDC said in new guidance last week that more than 50% of Covid-19 infections are spread by people who don’t show symptoms. The combination of people wanting to get tested before Thanksgiving and more people getting infected nationwide are causing long lines outside testing sites around the country. And commercial labs say their capacities are being stretched. But even a negative test result doesn’t necessarily mean you’re safe to see friends and family. The safest way to enjoy a holiday meal with friends and family outside your household is to strictly quarantine for 14 days beforehand. “If you do that properly, you don’t need a test,” said Dr. Rochelle Walensky, chief of the infectious diseases division at Massachusetts General Hospital.
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