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I would change my boy’s nappy Merch Globe Tiny Meat Gang Tmg shirt . Is this an American problem because here the baby change facilities are usually stand-alone and not gender-specific. Often they are combined with the accessible toilets. I’ve been told several times that only the women’s restroom has them since “moms do most of the changing”. So, I’ve had the facility hold the women’s restroom empty until I could change my daughter since she has two dads. Yep. I took my eldest to a brand new play cafe about 8 years ago by myself when he was still in nappies. Had to change him and there was nowhere in the men’s toilet to do it, (because presumably only women do that sort of thing???) so I changed him on the floor in the cafe in front of all the patrons eating. thank you for your interest in the shop.

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2 reviews for Merch Globe Tiny Meat Gang Tmg shirts

  1. Julie Manning

    ideal. tiene un corte muy moderno!!

  2. Megan Jordan

    nice quality shirt

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