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At the start of last week Meowzart Cat Playing Piano shirt . White House officials and presidential allies believed the President was simply demonstrating his fighting spirit as he steadfastly refused to concede and ordered up legal challenges in several states. Many assumed — perhaps naively — that Trump would eventually allow a transition to occur, once a recount in Georgia concluded and other states certified their results. Now people close to the President have expressed concern that he is buying into Giuliani’s false claims that his legal efforts can change the election’s outcome. He has shown no signs of backing down, even as those around him continue indicating that the end is near. Those allies have expressed worry that a sizable faction of the country thinks the election was stolen from Trump and that Biden isn’t receiving national security briefings.

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“If he had any character, I would say it’s perfectly in character Meowzart Cat Playing Piano shirt . It displeases him when reality doesn’t conform to the image that he has of it,” said John Bolton, the President’s former national security adviser, on ABC. “I do not expect him to go graciously. I do expect him to go. But I think pretty soon we’ll get the stab in the back theories. We’ll get the dark conspiracy theories continued. And he will make life as difficult as he can for the incoming Biden administration.”Bolton departed the White House on bad terms with Trump. But even his successor on Monday seemed to acknowledge the likelihood that Trump would no longer be President come January 20.”If there is a new administration, they deserve some time to come in and implement their policies,” national security adviser Robert O’Brien said in a discussion at the Soufan Center’s Global Security Forum that aired on Monday. “If the Biden-Harris ticket is determined to be the winner — and obviously things look that way now — we’ll have a very professional transition from the National Security Council.”Trump has pinned his strategy around thin legal long shots in Michigan and Pennsylvania, but his campaign is already taking its last gasps in court in those cases, having failed repeatedly and seen its legal avenues shut off. In many of the places where Trump is contesting results, there aren’t enough contestable votes to make a dent in the results as states near the deadlines for certification.At least two small counties in Georgia finished their presidential recounts without finding any discrepancies. The audit process is expected to finish in the coming days, and Georgia’s secretary of state says he plans to certify the official results by Friday, as required by state law. A recount in Wisconsin, which the Trump campaign has said it will request, would cost them nearly $8 million, the state said on Monday, since the party requesting the recount must pay for it.
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