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For years Love What You Do Bus Driver shirt . Trump has vilified career officials as the “deep state” and sought to rid the federal government of people he views as insufficiently loyal. Trump installed his longtime aide John McEntee to take over the White House’s Presidential Personnel Office, as part of an effort to purge those he thought had wronged him in some way and replace them with die-hard supporters. The office is in charge of vetting political appointees, and shortly after taking over McEntee created a new questionnaire for potential political appointees across the administration, asking, among other things, what part of Trump’s campaign message “most appealed” to them and why. Critics warn the order allows Trump to fill the federal workforce with loyalists during the final weeks of his administration and that it risks reverting the country to a spoils system in a way not seen since the 1883 passage of the Pendleton Act, which made it illegal to punish some government officials based on politics.

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In a statement to CNN, National Treasury Employees Union President Tony Reardon called the order “a threat to our merit-based civil service” that “would allow nonpartisan career civil servants to be hired or fired for political reasons Love What You Do Bus Driver shirt .” In October the union filed a lawsuit to try to stop the action. Multiple legal experts told CNN that Trump’s executive order will likely be hard for President-elect Joe Biden to undo quickly should it be fully implemented before he takes office January 20, due to its unprecedented nature. While Biden may be able to get rid of the order, there will likely be a lengthy series of steps he will have to take to rehire employees. Complicating things further is the unknown of what Trump will do with the agency vacancies should he decide to fire tens of thousands of career officials during the last days of his administration. If he replaces those officials with loyalists, the effort to bring back civil servants will have an extra wrinkle, as the Biden administration will have to decide how to handle those employees. “They’re trying to scuttle an incoming administration in its early months,” one former OMB employee, who did not want to be identified for fear of retribution, told CNN. “When your senior career people aren’t here anymore or are in some time of limbo, and instead have Trump loyalists, it could get very messy.”
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