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The whole movement Las Vegas Aviators Reyes Tee Shirt . has made box-fresh sneakers seem like a tired idea—the thing. instead, is to wear a grungy pair that look like they’ve been worn and loved to the point of falling apart. Sanitary? Perhaps not. But undeniably cool-looking? Strangely so! And now, Brooklyn Beckham is taking the scruffy sneaker to even scruffier heights.Along with his stylish girlfriend Hana Cross in a sheer lace top, Beckham attended the Man About Town launch party in London, England last night.

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On his feet, a pair of once-white Vans low tops were dirtied to a faded yellow, with a few deep mud stains—ain’t no bleach gonna fix that!—past the point of salvaging Las Vegas Aviators Reyes Tee Shirt . It’s unclear whether Beckham’s footwear was bought that way, or if it’s the result of natural wear-and-tear. Still, he styled the tricky shoes in his signature hipster way, wearing a newsboy cap, striped button-up, a white T-shirt, and carpenter-style pants.It’s been a news-filled week for Kering. Yesterday, the luxury group announced its commitment to working only with models over 18 (a standard that’s also been adopted by Condé Nast and the CFDA), which means every Gucci show, Saint Laurent video, and Alexander McQueen campaign will exclusively feature women and men of legal age as of 2020. Earlier in the week, the company also launched its new animal welfare standards to “ensure and verify the human treatment of animals across the group’s supply chains.” And yesterday in his opening address at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, Kering chair and CEO François-Henri Pinault revealed he’s been hired by French president Emmanuel Macron for a first-of-its-kind role: to create a “coalition” of CEOs and top brands in the fashion industry to join forces and set ambitious sustainability targets together. What’s significant about this is that it could mark a new era of collaboration and open-source cooperation across the fashion industry, and eventually other industries, too.
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