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Anthony Davis Kobe And Gigi Memorial A Celebration shirt . the Lakers co-captain alongside James, admitted that he still struggles to come to terms with Bryant’s death. The 6-foot-10 big man has helped James shoulder much of the responsibility that comes with being an organization’s leading figure — both on and off the court — including leading the team to win last season’s title in Bryant’s memory. “As we approach his one-year anniversary, it saddens our hearts to actually come to the realization that he’s gone,” Davis said. “I know I still have trouble with it, you still just can’t believe it, especially when you were really close to him.” Davis’ dominant performances in that victorious postseason elevated him to another plane and established his place among the league’s best players.

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Part of what drove him to find another gear was the determination to win the title as a dedication to Bryant Kobe And Gigi Memorial A Celebration shirt . Davis said the entire team was immediately aware that a championship would take on a greater significance in the wake of Bryant’s death. “It was January 26 of last year when it happened. From that point on, we were like: ‘We have a purpose,'” he recalled. “To this day, ‘Mamba on three!’ anytime we bring it in because we still want to recognize that he’s a part of our organization. And ever since the tragedy happened, we had a mindset that this is bigger than, you know, ourselves.” “When the tragedy happened, it was more so, you know, ‘Let’s do it for him’ and that’s what we ended up doing all last year. Even when we play now, it’s in the back of our mind that we are still playing for Kobe, his family and to help the city of LA, and I think we brought a ton of joy to our city when we won. “We know we fought to the end for a purpose, and it wasn’t just for ourselves. It was for the Bryant family and we were able to get that accomplished.” On the court, Bryant and Pau Gasol formed a devastating partnership and would win two NBA championships. Off it, they became brothers. Gasol and his family have spent a lot of time with Bryant’s wife Vanessa and their three girls since his death. Pau’s younger brother, Marc, joined the Lakers during the offseason and hopes to emulate his sibling’s achievements with the franchise. He still struggles to open up on the incident that took Bryant’s life, but says his presence is keenly felt within the organization and is still used as inspiration to achieve the team’s goals this season. “I’m not comfortable talking about it. I’m sorry. Still to this day, I have never really talked about it,” Marc said. “He will be a part of not only the team, the franchise, the city … it’s very emotional … he’s obviously someone that we looked up to.”
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