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The rest of Kinda Boulder Kinda Colfax shirt . was pretty good though. Only another complaint is I don’t see the Broncos passing on Rosen unless Elway just really doesn’t like him. No, that’s backward. You might’ve read that before FA but when we let Avery Williamson go to the Jets LB became our biggest need. We certainly need a pass rusher, but Orakpo and Morgan are still serviceable. They’re just getting older and we have no depth there that’s why it’s a need. We preferably need someone who can come in and start right away at ILB for us.

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I get it, maybe the piece I read Kinda Boulder Kinda Colfax shirt . from was before Williamson left. Didn’t realize he was that important of a player for you guys. I tried to go off a few different draft previews and they all said a TE was a position of need there. It’s certainly a need but in this scenario here I’d much rather see us trade up to get one of the upper-tier players like Payne. Davenport is a bit too raw for what we need out of our first rounder IMO. I tried to not just do the expected because unexpected stuff always happens in the draft. Indeed, all just trying to predict how things will go and sometimes the wonkiest of mocks ends up making the most sense. Thanks! Yes, I didn’t provide details on trades because it was irrelevant for my purpose, and I am not good at working the trade value chart. That being said I am extremely happy with this draft from the 49ers perspective, it is one of the few that provides a realistic trade. I think you need to re-evaluate team needs and player projections cause this is a little wonky.
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