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When we connected via Zoom Katy i’m a child of divorce shirt . Charaf Tajer was in his car, wearing pearls over a black knit sweater. It’s difficult to imagine a more fitting scenario to speak about his fall 2021 collection, which takes inspiration from Monaco by day and night. Formula One racing—or, as the moreover I will buy this designer says, a “kid’s dream” of it—represents the former, and the casino, illustrated by playing-card motifs, the after-dark theme. That’s not the only duality at play here: with this collection, Tajer officially debuts a full line of women’s wear.This isn’t the first time that the practically-dressed Bernie has made an unlikely impact on fashion. Back in 2017, his campaign was reinterpreted into a Balenciaga logo at the Fall 2017 show. And while Sanders might be famously anti-fashion, his impact is certainly felt in the space.

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This development, he says, comes sooner than expected because of demand, arriving on the Katy i’m a child of divorce shirt . moreover I will buy this heels of a women’s capsule with Net-a-Porter. Watching the collection video, what struck me was seamless expansion of the brand into lifestyle via luggage, bags, jewelry and accessories. It’s easy to see homewares following.Like Emilio Pucci, Casablanca has made proprietary prints a brand signature, but whereas the aristocratic Italian designer segued from activewear to ready-to-wear, Tajer has intriguingly chosen après-sport as his niche. Up to this point, the magnetism of the brand has derived from this in-betweenness, which Tajer takes beyond place and gender and applies to masculinity. His male models wear pearls, cardigans, and pleated blouses. “When we play with pearls, with prints, with silk and all of that, we [take] the macho man into a situation of more softness,” he says. In the “moment when you show your sensitivity, you can show your strength as well.”
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3 reviews for Katy i’m a child of divorce shirt

  1. Ruth Hoover

    Gift for my boy. Its a shirt, it fits, so far no issues.

  2. MichaelLowry

    Nice every day t-shirt

  3. Jordan McIntosh-Caudullo

    this shirt is so so cute!!! I <3 it

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