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It’s been said many times, but Just A Girl Who Loves Peckers shirt . was truly a savior at the time. He kick-started a whole new era and made the product watchable again. I didn’t really come back until I heard AJ had signed with WWE but the pipe bomb I remember being the first time in years I heard my coworkers talking about a wrestling angle since the Attitude era. Casual fans talking about wrestling again all of a sudden? It was almost surreal. That time period was weird, but like I said earlier. I totally get why it would be hard for any company to handle 2 losses like that and all the blame pretty much on your company/business model.

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The Dirt Sheet was my favorite thing for a minute Just A Girl Who Loves Peckers shirt . I miss fedora Miz. Anyone else here were Miz and Morrison fans? Used to enjoy their work as a tag team. Especially loved their weekend internet show: It was an absolute riot. I don’t care what people say, to me, he will always be that mohawked piece of shit. Maybe it’s because I’m from Cleveland and I hate the fact that he’s the guy representing my city, but to me, he never deserved the accolades he received. I really like the idea of this post, but it’s kinda hard to read. There’s a lot of spelling, grammar, and spacing errors, as well as fragment sentences. This so much. I used to hate being that kid as felt like I was ruining it for everyone else when I had to go home. Loved those times as had a massive AstroTurf pitch by mine or a smaller tarmac 5 aside so would just play until it got dark or we were just knackered. No mobiles either so would literally just run home get your tea, get changed and knock at your mates or vice. Good times. I completely agree. I don’t mind having it in the winter at all, especially cause the southern hemisphere countries can now have it in their summer. All the professional leagues can complain that they might have to take a break and whatnot, but this is probably one of the only world cups where we’re gonna do this so who cares
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