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Add I Voted By Mail shirt .  (although I’m still not absolutely sure that another take on that particular subject matter is absolutely necessary at this stage, but I’m willing to risk it, for completion’s sake.), 1917, Under The Silver Lake, Knives Out (if only for the cast alone.) and The Addams Family animated film, and you’ve got my list, pretty well as well. Under the Silver Lake is so incredibly different from It Follows, but I’d recommend it, as long as you don’t expect anything really meaningful. Definitely a fun watch

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It’s on the internet already so I Voted By Mail shirt . that actually wants to watch it probably has. Not sure what they’re doing with that movie’s super delayed release I love how everyone is giving Avengers: Endgame a wide berth. No one wants to try to compete for that opening weekend. Infinity War stayed at the top of the box office charts for like 4 weeks, nobody would dare release any big movie to compete with a bigger version of it Very stupid how Climax and Under The Silver Lake still haven’t been released. They’ve both been released in other countries and they have been widely available on the internet for months now. I finally caved and watched Under The Silver lake online, might end up doing the same with Climax. The Fast spinoff is August 2, the producers actually want to make money so it’s not coming out the same week as Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and a week after Lion King. I had no idea that Max Minghella was directing Teen. Honestly, I had no intention of seeing that film until I saw he was directing it. The late Anthony Minghella is one of my favorite directors and I am very interested to see what his son does. Not to mention he’s really great in The Handmaid’s Tale. Seriously. Usually, in December, my theater will get a couple of high profile awards contenders. But, this year it’s so packed with tentpoles that there’s no room for the smaller movies. A slow January hopefully means we’ll get The Favourite and Beale Street. That sucks. I really want to know lol. Its my most anticipated film of the year. A romantic-musical directed by the guy who directed Krisha and It Comes at Night with music by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross of NIN sounds awesome.

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