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I fucked my other finger again I Smell Children lunchladylife shirt . time on a slide dumpster door that caught the finger and took the whole skin off, blood rain for a second or two. It’s healing. But I used this really strong duct tape on the latex bandaid so I can type, but the edges hit the v key sometimes. Annoying. This has nothing to do with anything btw. Sorry others. Almost all the Bernie supporters I’ve talked to who are voting for trump over Clinton know he is worse but is doing it in a blind rage because they want to punish the American people for not electing Bernie

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dictatorship will literally cause a civil war that would result in the people overthrowing the government and would allow the creation of a new state headed by Bernie Sanders I Smell Children lunchladylife shirt . Paul Ryan has just given up at this point. The Republicans could of stopped Trump they could of had him disqualified because he violated FEC guidelines and federal law by soliciting donations from foreign elected officials but it would of caused the party to split up. Hilary will win though and the main goal now is just to make sure that they can hold Congress after Trump loses. People are angry. They have an itch that they just can’t scratch and it’s making them mad. When you’re that angry, all you need is for someone like Trump to come along and exploit it and facts cease to matter. People finally have an explanation for that itch and anyone who doesn’t see it is the enemy. If only we could prove he’s a millionaire, but he won’t give us the ammunition. His filings get pretty close to betraying his two-comma status, but don’t quite have the smoking gun. I think it’s worthwhile though, even if not on this sub, just as a counter-point to the morons who are delusional enough to think that, somehow, Hillary is worse Excellent point here man. I’ve long thought that we’ve been asking the wrong questions– instead of asking why blacks are hostile to the Asian lumpenprole that run liquor stores and corner bodegas in their communities- why not ask why working-class Asian Americans are shut out of the legitimate economy and have to resort to selling booze and marked up convenience foods in ghettoes to pay the bills. How about we just advocate for our issues? The reality is blacked don’t care about us I don’t see why we should care for them. This doesn’t mean being hostile more so about doing our own thing.
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