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Looking on the outside it might just I Cant Stay At Home Im A Housekeeper shirt . Detroit does have an infamously poorly accomplished Democrat history which can be used to place its the history of violence at their feet, but is there major cities with a strong conservative history and does they have superior crime control? I think bigger cities tend to generally have poor crime records as a consequence of size is s stronger correlation. Nothing can be done, not without massive political backlash. If the black community cannot admit that they have a problem that they have created it, they will be doomed to repeat it over and over.

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Are the events of those years in some part to blame? Sure I Cant Stay At Home Im A Housekeeper shirt . They helped fuel a tradition of fatherlessness, of gang activity, and antiintellectualism. However, to suggest today that it is anyone’s responsibility but their own to break from these traditions invites politics like identity politics and affirmative action. I see a bit where you’re coming from on this but how do you protest a street gang? Protesting possible police overuse of force is at least protesting an institution that is generally held to a certain standard by society at large. Street gangs are not that. Street gangs are criminal organizations. Most of them were fighting the cops, using their vehicle as a weapon or trying to grab an officer’s gun. Which means that the total amount of truly unjustified shootings comes out to as low as 5 or as high as 12. I don’t understand why conservatives this central point. Usually, they are good about responding to issues at hand and not going off on tangents. I have no idea why this has not penetrated the conservative movement with respect to race relations. They are organizations that deal with black on black violence, BLM is not one of them. Perhaps it isn’t as politically advantageous for left-wing media to report a black child killed by a black gang member as it is a white cop shooting an unarmed black man.  Fortunately, he survived, but no one is yet in custody.
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