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I read through this in its entirety I am T-Rex Unstoppable shirt . And, quite frankly. I commend you for surviving through all of this. I don’t know you, but I just want to let you know I’m proud of you. proud of you for making it this far. you deserve every bit of peace that may come to you in the future. keep hanging on, I think good times are near, my friend.  That kid has the kind of mother that won’t get an abortion because it’s God’s will but has no issue cheating on her husband.

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I hate to be negative and maybe I’m projecting but that is exactly what kind of person my mother is I am T-Rex Unstoppable shirt . I read through the entire post. Thank you for sharing your life and all the pain you’ve gone through. I personally don’t think you’ve become an abuser whatsoever. I really don’t know what’s the right thing for me to say to you, I don’t know what will help, but I’d at least like to say that I read through it all and that I empathize with your pain and will be praying and rooting for you and your peace. Why don’t you take a paternity test so you can stop paying child support? That’ll save you some money that you can try to rebuild your credit from. I have done no research on this so I don’t know if this is possible btw. Someone let me know, please. In America, I’m pretty sure if you don’t take the test within the first month if the child is born you have to pay for it. Even if it ends up not being yours. Sounds like a pretty stupid rule though. The child isn’t gonna magically be biologically yours after one month. Usually, paternity test cases happen in these kinds of situations when the woman has tricked the man into believing the child is his when it’s not, or if a woman is mistaken about who the father is. I can’t imagine anyone taking a paternity test for any other reason. In either case, if I was broke, and the other person had family support. I’d feel bad, but if I had money to spend, then I would maybe pay.  Once you take actions to accept paternity, you’re it.
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