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I am He Have You Seen This Chicken Shirt . I am Jesus Christ the very one whose second coming was foretold in the New Testament. I have come, and those who believe in me will have an everlasting life and joy. I am the missing of the trinity. I have come to prepare the faithful for the It was on the basis of the convincing and convicting declaration that he set up a group headquartered in Oyingbo suburbs of Lagos state.It did not take him time to draw to himself a crowd of people who were interested in his supposed supernatural personality.This group of loyalists trooped to his enclave which he called the Universal College of Regeneration (UCR), believing in totality in hisPerhaps his background in the carpentry vocation with his uncle, which is similar to what Jesus Christ had with his foster father Joseph.Led them to believe in the genuineness of the Ijebu-Ode born Immanuel proclamation.

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Have You Seen This Chicken  Classic Women's T-shirt
Classic Women’s
Have You Seen This Chicken  Long Sleeved T-shirt
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Unisex Sweatshirt
Have You Seen This Chicken  Unisex Hoodie
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On his own part, he claimed that his declaration was a result of a divine revelation straight from the chambers of heaven Have You Seen This Chicken Shirt . He claimed that having no formal education, when he suddenly received insight into the In the beginning, there lived a man whose real names were Olufunmilayo Immanuel Odumosu, but he fondly called himself “Jesu Oyingbo”. He was highly revered, adored and venerated by his disciples and followers, who believed that he loomed larger than life. He taught his adherents that he was the real Jesus Christ and hiForsake their families and joined the religious leader to build a spiritual enclave. Although the self-styled religious leader proclaimed himself Jesu Oyingbo, he never shared any trait with Jesus Christ who resurrected the third day. In actual fact, he failed to resurrect the as he had prophesied. In this exclusive piece, popular online platform Naij,god amongst men” in oyigboA short reindeer sleigh ride through the snow and an exhilarating ride on a sled pulled by a team of huskies. So you can feel just like Santa Claus and his elves. Warm up in the cosy koto tepee with.
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2 reviews for Have You Seen This Chicken Shirt

  1. James Irwin

    Just what we were looking for to wear to grandson’s toy story birthday party!

  2. Megan Jordan

    Great shirt and the price is right

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