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So it seems entirely possible Happiness is a new governor shirt . That designers around i will get this world could pitch in to make surgical drapes, regular gowns, and maybe even face masks. Perhaps the larger brands and luxury groups could partner with hospitals or health-care bodies to find a way to make hospital-approved sterile gowns and drapes, too; LVMH’s move to divert its fragrance factories to make hand sanitizer likely sparked a lot of ideas. (In a rare instance of our jobs overlapping, Liz knew about the LVMH news before I did; hand sanitizer is another supply she hasn’t been able to find at the hospital.) Let’s face it: Nurses and doctors can use all of the support they can get, whether it’s physical, monetary, or emotional. Liz’s Instagram feed is mostly filled with pleas and testimonials from other nurses and doctors who feel unsafe; they’re being expected to work until they’re sick, and do not have the means or supplies to stay healthy. Sure, it’s the job they “signed up for,” but no one signs up for nursing or medical school thinking the entire planet is going to shut down for a crisis, or that their hospital wouldn’t be able to protect them from it. They feel blindsided and at risk, so if you can find a way to help—whether it’s by donating, sending food, making masks, or simply sharing words of encouragement—please do. Visit eternalshirt.com.

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 Every rational thought was telling me, don’t swim against it, swim parallel to shore, it will let you go a little way out but my body literally would not respond Happiness is a new governor shirt . I panicked. I thought I was dead, on vacation with my family. Somehow, I was able to find the bottom, and start to work my way on a diagonal toward shore. I sat on the beach hunched over for twenty minutes or so, wondering if. It’s not million to one school. Its scholarship offers to several schools totaling million. Do yall commenting even know how scholarships work. My son scored higher than a first-generation college student and still had trouble getting accepted into of his choice somethings wrong here. I’m so confused.
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