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A day later Green Bay Football Wisconsin T-Shirt . an attempt by House Democrats to bring up a resolution urging Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from power was blocked by Republicans. If that resolution ends up failing, Democrats plan to to vote Wednesday to impeach Trump for his role in the Capitol riot. On Saturday, a source close to the vice president told CNN that Pence had not ruled out entirely an effort to invoke the 25th Amendment, and wants to preserve the option in case Trump becomes more unstable. But he hasn’t held discussions on the issue with members of the Cabinet, and still appears unlikely to move forward with it.

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Instead, Pence and his advisers seem to be looking toward their final week in office with an eye toward his legacy, hoping to tout the administration’s achievements Green Bay Football Wisconsin T-Shirt . Advisers have been encouraging Trump to hold similar events, including on Middle East diplomacy and deregulation, but it’s unclear whether he will agree to do so as he remains consumed with his permanent suspension on Twitter. Last week, second lady Karen Pence was looking at available homes for rent in Virginia, according to a source familiar with her schedule. Advisers have said Pence hopes to provide a bridge to the next administration and do as much as possible to assist Biden’s team in preparing for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Pence and Biden consulted regularly in the early days of the Trump administration, including on foreign policy matters. On Monday, Pence’s schedule listed a coronavirus task force meeting — one of the final times the group meets before the end of the administration. Pence did not bring up the siege at the Capitol during the discussion, a person close to the task force said. Trump, meanwhile, had nothing on his schedule.
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