Grandfather Harold Meme Hawaiian Shirt


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Product Description

The Season 2 finale of Halo was jam-packed with crazy moments and revelations for all its characters. For one, the deadly Flood contamination is released after Miranda Keyes recovers a strange artifact in an ancient city. This leads to the entire UNSC ship being overrun, with nearly all its crew members getting infected. That includes Halsey herself, whom Miranda puts into cryosleep in hopes of trying to save her Grandfather Harold Meme Hawaiian Shirt . Soren and Kwan go on a rescue mission to save Laera, Kessler, and James Ackerson. While they are initially successful, they, too, get to see The Flood in action, leading Laera to sacrifice her life to save her family.

Grandfather Harold Meme Hawaiian Shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Grandfather Harold Meme Hawaiian Shirt
Grandfather Harold Meme Hawaiian Shirt

Grandfather Harold Meme Hawaiian Shirt
Grandfather Harold Meme Hawaiian Shirt

The Flood are virulent parasitic organisms that consume sentient lifeforms to survive, grow, and thrive. They are known for their overwhelming numbers and ability to expand at a terrifying rate. It has been warned in the Halo lore that “one single Flood spore can destroy a species.” The Flood are almost like zombies in how they spread their infection Grandfather Harold Meme Hawaiian Shirt . When a host is infected, the being in question becomes hideously deformed, akin to something in The Thing or Dead Space. The Halo was built as a weapon to try and eradicate The Flood from the known galaxy. While the weapon was fired hundreds of thousands of years ago, killing the ancient advanced beings known as the Forerunners in the process, trace elements of the deadly parasitic race managed to survive. While The Flood is destructive in any number, the more that amass, the potential for ungodly amounts of death and destruction increases exponentially. When enough of them get together, it can form a large hive mind, eventually taking the form of something called a Gravemind. When a Gravemind exists, the Flood becomes more than just a mindless rampaging threat. This new, intelligent being has the sentience to control all of them through a hive-mind system, and it can act intelligently and complexly.


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